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send me a number → football edition

1: favourite team
2: favourite footballer
3: favourite national team
4: football crush
5: best player in the world
6: favourite wag
7: favourite son
8: favourite football blog
9: ugliest footballer in the world
10: sexiest footballer in the world
11: a footballer i hate
12: a football team i can't stand
13: a footballer i'd love to date
14: a footballer i'd love to be friend with
15: a footballer i'd love to watch a match with
16: a footballer i'd love to meet
17: a footballer i'd love to get drunk with
18: my top 5 footballers
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i want to henderridge with you lmaooo

asdasfd this is so beautiful

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"I was there" - Liverpool vs Man City

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offensive things to call people when they’re mean to you:

  • crispy nipple
  • the white stringy things in bananas
  • tangled umbilical cord
  • nash grier
  • iceberg lettuce: world’s blandest green
  • watery afro
  • fountain water at school that never tastes right
  • voldemort’s breathing holes
  • ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
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captaingerrards replied to your post “Wait, what’s happening with Tito?”
I have no idea where pople are getting this from so idk if it’s true, but there’s rumors saying he’s been rushed to the hospital :/

omg wut, I hope they’re just rumours

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Wait, what’s happening with Tito?

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21 july 2013 Open letter from Tito Vilanova (x)

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i don’t think anyone understands that when i say i get secondhand embarrassment easily i mean at the first sign of trouble for a character in a television show i immediately pause and sit there for ten to thirty minutes thinking “oh god they fucked up”

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When your sports team loses and you don’t want to talk about it. (x,x)

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